5 Tips To Rock A T Shirt!

But ever wanted to know what to look for before you buy a t-shirt?

Or ever wanted an overhaul on your old t-shirt to sport a new look?

We’ve got some tips for you!

1 – Nail the fit

They should never be any compromises in comfort or fit. It can really do some serious damage to the overall look if it isn’t right.

A couple of things to remember when buying yourt-shirt –

> Make sure the shoulder points are aligned with your shoulder

> Look out for the torso area and the right kind of taper for your body type

> Length of the sleeves to be at comfortable points so they don’t get in the way of your daily routine

> Length of t-shirt, slightly below the waist is preferable for tuck-outs

> Neck line should not be too low

2 – Go for unique colours

The staple colours are pass! Although blues, blacks & greys are essentials in the wardrobe, it’s time to get those second glances with new-age colours like olive green, peach, mustard and ombres.

Style tip : The best way to pair these unusual colours is with denim – be it regular colours or distressed denim. Wear light t-shirts with darker jeans for a nice contrast look. Do make sure the colour doesn’t clash with your skin tone.

3 – Go with the right fabric

Synthetic fibres are great for sportswear but not always comfortable as everyday wear.

Choose between light weight and heavier weight cottons for great comfort.

Light weight ones are ideal for casual summer days and the heavier ones for a smart casual look.

Apart from the crucial aspects of fit, colour and fabric; do choose the right style and function to wear each to.

4 – Accessorize

Up your style game by accessorizing right.

Watches, socks, shoes, loafers, belts, caps – choose appropriate ones for a more fun style!

Style tip : A sports watch and basketball shoes can be great for a sports look or for a classic look, pair it with a leather strap watch and moccasins

5 – Wear a nice vest/ jacket

Wearing smart casuals and layering is a global trend.

Dress up any t-shirt and still keep it cool by teaming it up. Pay attention to the neck, cut and colour of the vest/ jacket and match your shoes too.

Style tip : Go monochromatic by teaming a blue shirt with a darker blue jacket

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