6 Modern Ways For Estate Agents To Advertise Property

Submitted by: Elizabeth McLachlan

A successful real estate agent never stops exploring new ways to advertise property and in the technological age, it is even more important to stay ahead of the curve. Here follows a few not so traditional ways of advertising property:

1. Personal Website

The Internet has become such an essential medium for real estate agencies to take advantage of. The benefits of advertising property on the Internet can t be ignored any longer and the best way to make full use of the web is to get your own website. It is just as essential that you optimise this site to rank for the keywords/phrases that might be used to find your site. Make sure that your site includes a lot of information, as this is what house hunters are looking for. A recent study showed that the most important information potential buyers are looking for are good images, detailed property information, virtual tours, agent contact information, area/neighbourhood information and interactive maps. Remember that more information you include the better the chance that a potential buyer will enquire.

2. Property Portal/Classified Sites

These sites have similar advantages of having you own real estate website but here your listing will have to compete with other agents listings. The benefit is that these sites are usually well positioned on all major search engines and get large amounts of traffic. Classified sites like Craig s List are free but be prepared to pay a monthly subscription fee for good property portals.


3. Twitter/Facebook

The concept of advertising property on sites like Facebook and Twitter is quite new and has proven to work well as a way to get those all-important sales and to expand your contact list. One of the main advantages of using social media platforms to pro-actively market you listings is that you are advertising to a whole new audience. These platforms also give you the opportunity to test several marketing ideas and to evaluate them.

4. SMS/Text Message

Mobile phones and in particular text messages has become a great way to advertise property. With a huge percentage of the population carrying cell phones, text messaging has becoming the preferred method of communication whether it is to alert those on your contact list of a Show House or to advertise to a new audience.

5. Email

Email marketing campaigns can include anything from mailing property brochures to potential buyers to publishing a monthly e-newsletter and sending it to a targeted audience. You can also send out online surveys to get to know your clients better, get feedback on open houses, and measure customer satisfaction.

6. Property Videos

Virtual tours and property videos are a great way to get especially oversees buyers interested in your properties. Create your free account with site like YouTube and publish your videos. You can also link to these videos from your website or listings. You will find that this way of advertising but can be used as a first viewing option in order for potential buyers to decide if they are interested in viewing the property personally. These videos can also best sent to clients via mobile phone to make it even easier to view the property.

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