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By Jim Bassett

Although there is general legislation governing the entire country when it comes to insurance matters, the different states have their own specific requirements. With car insurance, Texas, more specifically has its set of required coverage and penalty details for those who go against the said state legislations.

Drivers should maintain complete responsibility while in front of the wheels. This is what was in mind when the laws concerning auto insurance were formulated. The goal is to keep all individuals completely protected and be ample compensated during unexpected cases such as accidents and the likes.

It is important to know about what each state requires within its territory. Before driving in Texas, a driver should equip himself with the necessary coverage, and in order to do so, he should learn more about what is required in Texas.


Anyone who owns a car in Texas should be able to show proof of owning automobile liability insurance as well before the car can be registered in the state. One can get an insurance from any agents in the state who has the authority to write auto insurance that is considered valid in Texas. Some people are required by the state to have an SR-22 policy, which is a policy that requires the insurance provider to let the Texas Department of Public Safety if the coverage lapses or gets terminated or canceled.

Another important detail about car insurance Texas style is how non-owner drivers are required to either have liability insurance or a non-owner type of SR-22 policy. This emphasizes the important of having ample coverage for any drivers, whether they actually own a vehicle or not. Both policies are offered by insurance companies in Texas.

The state requires all Texan drivers to carry auto liability insurance. The minimum required involves $25,000 for damages to property incurred during the accident, $25,000 for any injuries or the death of one person as a result of the accident and $50,000 for all persons involved in a single accident.

An individual caught operating or maneuvering a motor vehicle without the required minimum insurance shall be subjected to the penalties set for said misdeed. This includes a fine ranging from $175 to $350 on the first conviction. Any convictions after the first one involve a fine of $350 to $1,000 as well as the possible suspension of one’s driver license and vehicle impoundment.

Texas has a system called TexasSure, which is effectively used by the law enforcement officers in tracking down the vehicles. This enables the officers to easily check if the specific vehicle comes with the auto insurance required by the law simply by searching for the car’s license plate or the vehicle identification number in the database. This system is actually accessible even for officers who are in their patrol car.

When it comes to auto insurance, there are certain variations one should be aware of. Getting car insurance Texas or any other states has to offer can be an easy and simple process if one is just knowledgeable about the requirements set by the state government.

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