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When choosing a luxury accommodation for your break, it is important to consider many factors before booking. This is the most important choice you make when booking your vacation – a bad choice could ruin your holiday and a good choice and your vacation will be one to remember. So what are the factors you should consider when choosing your accommodation?

First, select the location. If you are in search of a peaceful break where you can escape the hustle and bustle of busy days then you need someplace thats calm. So be sure to choose a hotel isolated from the bustle of towns and, more importantly, away from traffic in the evenings when youre trying to rest and recuperate. If you have difficulty sleeping, even the smallest amount of traffic in the vicinity can interrupt a good night’s sleep. Make sure that your luxury accommodation is close to all the activities or events you plan to attend. There can be nothing worse than planning your break around an event, only to find that your accommodation is too far away! If youre going to be flying soon after your arrival at the hotel ensure it is located near your airport, or a local bus station route if you plan to travel by public transport during your stay.


Check the price. It is obvious that the room price is an important factor here, but what about the other costs – what about other supplements? There is often an additional cost burden to consider such as extras for catering, the use of facilities, late departure, car parking and in-room entertainment. It is important to always check what you get for the general tariff you will be charged – are meals included and if so which ones? It can be heart breaking to see that the evening meal you enjoyed is not been included in the standard charges. It is usually standard to include both bed and breakfast in the cost of the room, but this is not always the case. So check!

Make sure your luxury accommodation has the facilities you expect. Most luxury hotels will provide an endless list of facilities it provides, but upon arrival you can find that many of them are located outside the hotel and sometimes a goodly distance away. Luxury accommodations often form partnerships with leisure centers and spa and this practice is becoming increasingly common, so always check the facilities that are available on site and those that are in the vicinity. Check if there is an additional cost for using any of the facilities. Ask what the size of the pool is: do NOT rely on pictures alone as they can give a highly distorted perspective.

Finally, ask how long the hotel has been in full operation and how long the manager and senior staff have been working in the industry which can give you an idea of their levels of experience. This has two impacts; first, it gives you confidence in knowing that your choice of accommodation has been up and running for a long time and second, it is rare for prospective clients to ask questions of this nature and you can almost guarantee that senior staff will be informed and they will ensure you are welcomed and cared for during your stay.

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