Find The Best Value Car Insurance In South Africa

Find the best value car insurance in South Africa


African IndependentThe best value car insurance is insurance that provides the maximum reward at the best possible price. Now that you can quickly compare free quotes, it really is easy to find the best value car insurance in South Africa.

Motorists have different needs, depending on their personal circumstances and the vehicles they drive. Once you know which motor insurance policy is best suited to your needs, it is much easier to compare relevant vehicle insurance quotes. The best value car insurance will be insurance that offers adequate protection at the cheapest price. Cheap car insurance that does not provide enough cover is not good value; nor is paying for cover that you do not really need.

An independent insurance broker with extensive experience of the South African car insurance market is in an ideal position to advise you on the best products and the most competitive motor cover options.

How much car insurance do I need?

If you have a new or expensive vehicle that has not yet been paid off, comprehensive vehicle insurance is strongly recommended and may even be mandatory. In other situations, less extensive cover may be more cost-effective.

If you have an older vehicle that has been fully paid for, you may prefer less extensive car insurance cover. The most important consideration is to balance the risk of paying a high price following an accident, or some other unfortunate event,


against the costs of the monthly premium. An experienced car insurance broker can explain the risks and benefits of the various options in order to ensure you make an informed choice.

Get vehicle cover for less

If you are in the market for vehicle insurance, or even if you currently have motor insurance, you can get the best value car insurance by comparing quotes from a number of insurers. Once you know which type of cover you require, you can find out which insurance company offers the best deal.

South Africa has a dynamic insurance market, with a number of different car insurance options. Choose a broker that offers products from a number of leading insurers so that you can get a quality product at the best price.

Why it is useful to compare quotes

Insurance premiums are calculated according to each person s risk profile. If the insurer calculates that you are more likely to make frequent or expensive claims you will be charged more for your premiums. A new sports car will cost more to insure than an older family vehicle because the insurance claims are much more likely to be relatively high. Similarly, if you live

in an area in which car theft is rife, there is a greater likelihood that your car will be stolen, and consequently a greater chance that you will make an insurance claim.

Each insurance company devises its own exact methods for calculating risk. This means that insurance quotes will vary from insurer to insurer. It is therefore possible to save money sometimes quite substantial amounts by comparing a number of quotes from different insurers.

Through an expert insurance broker you can get free quotes from top insurance companies, helping you to choose the best value car insurance in South Africa.

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