Reasons Why Postcard Printing Is A Cheap Alternative In Advertising Campaign

Submitted by: Stan .Coyle

For some companies, promotional and advertising campaigns take up a big chunk of operational costs. And there is simply no way for them to get around with marketing because it is an indispensable aspect of the business. However, advertising is not only equated with expensive marketing campaign. There are always proven ways that could also generate traffic and leads more effectively than the costly marketing campaigns you ve been doing for some time. This will include the full-colored postcard printing which is now considered as one of the best ways that could improve the rate of response with so little a cost. Some of the important reasons why postcard marketing is better than any promotional methods are outlined below.

1. You can always print your marketing materials. But the costs and efforts that come along with it are overwhelming. While you can employ cheap means to print several thousands of promotional items, you can never escape the expensive costs in storage, mailing, storage, etc. This is why it is always the best alternative to contract a postcard printing company.


2. There is always a guaranteed increase in the rate of responses and targeted leads in the market you are operating on because you are assured that the postcards are handed directly to the customers. And this is something that your ordinary marketing flyers, leaflets, brochures and other printing materials randomly distributed at some street corner cannot achieve with much efficiency. This makes postcard printing the least expensive way to get yourself heard to a thousand individuals.

3. Plus, postcard marketing is highly flexible to buying seasons. This is so because you can always measure the time when the postcards are supposed to reach to the intended addressee. In effect, you can manipulate the time to your marketing needs by capitalizing a particular offer that is time-bounded to produce the kind of rush that will get your clients to act. This is very effective to stimulate buying-spree among your customers.

4. There is also a sense of predictability inherent in postcard printing marketing campaign. Since you are in possession of vital details such as estimated arrival time to the customers addresses, you can always prepare a timetable that you can use to adopt a systematic postcard mailing system that will supplement your marketing campaign. This means that the frequency of your postcard mailing distribution would improve your company s chances to register a steady rate of response not normally available in your typical printed promotional strategies.

5. Likewise, there is always an appeal that comes along with postcard printing that no other marketing effort can substitute. Its sense of intimacy promotes a longer and more fruitful relationship with your customers as they feel that the company has seen their importance and value. Most marketing professionals are aware of the fact that most customers often decide instinctively the moment they get hold of the postcard mail and even before the postcard message is conveyed to them. This elevates the status of postcard marketing as a more intimate and personalized tool that encourages customer loyalty.

About the Author: Stan Coyle has 25 years experience in Direct Mail marketing. He has taught seminars from New York to London and has settled in Tampa, Florida for a semi-retirement of fishing and relaxation.


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