What To Do When Your Ex Wants You Back

It’s okay to be excited when your ex starts giving you signals that they want to get back together with you, but you don’t want to jump into their arms at the first (or even fourth) sign you see.

Maybe your ex has started flirting with you again, or maybe they are just showing more interest in you then they did since the breakup – these are both pretty good signs that your ex wants you back. But even if you are looking forward to getting back with your ex, you should not hurry the process. Instead you should use the old cliche of playing hard to get and avoid laying all your cards on the table too early. If you put too much effort into reconnecting with your ex then you may find that your ex starts to pull back from you because of your pushing. This is the common push/pull scenario and it happens very easily in ‘get ex back’ situations.

Right now your ex wants you back, but if you start to put too much pressure on them to take you back then it won’t feel like it’s on their own terms anymore. In fact, it will feel as though you are pressuring the issue – even if it was their idea first. The fact is that if they viewed you as being hard for them to get, then that may be the reason that reignited their interest in your in the first place.


Another reason your ex may want you back is because after a breakup it is common to miss each other and want to have what you once had together. The longer you have been together in the relationship the more true this seems to be. You shared many happy moments together as well as some unhappy moments – but the point is that you shared a part of your life together. You were bonded in some way, and your emotions can make you want to get that bond back once you really start to feel as though it has gone missing. This reason hardly solves the issues that caused your breakup though. It’s just a reason to want to get back together!

Another common reason that your ex may want you back is because they see your interest in them. It becomes a game for them. They may want attention from you (or anyone) and they see that you are willing to offer them that attention. Signs that they are just playing with you and holding you in their hand until a better card comes along are:

  • Wanting to talk only about themselves.
  • Not showing interest in you.
  • Not nice to you.
  • Not committing to anything with you.

If they are genuinely interested in you then they will be showing interest in you and wanting to be with you – without other commitments coming in first all the time.

These are a few of the reasons why you should take your time getting back together with your ex. If they are really in it for the long haul then they will stick around whether it takes time or not. They will WANT to wait for you because they WANT to be with you again.

If you notice that your ex wants you back then don’t jump back into an old relationship, get hurt, breakup, and be in the same place you are now but feeling more rejected by your ex. Be smart and take some time to figure out whether it will work or not.

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