What You Need To Know When Shopping For A Car Cover

By John Manci

If you store your vehicle outside, for any period of time, you should consider getting a good quality car cover to protect it from the elements. The right cover can protect your car from UV rays, dirt or just from people and animals walking by it. Use these tips to help you find the right cover for your car.

The material that the cover is made from is important also. It needs to be breathable, if the cover holds in moisture it will have dire consequences on your paint. The cover is not supposed to be waterproof, it should, however, dry out quickly after a rain, so that the rain spots are minimal on the paint finish.


Before you place the perfect cover that you have found on your car, make sure it is clean. A dirty car will be scratched and scuffed no matter what quality cover you put on it. However, having a clean car to start with will help to ensure a well-protected car through the long months in storage.

If purchase price is not an issue, then it be might be wise to consider a custom-made car cover. This will ensure that the cover doesn’t blow away in a strong wind, will have elastic in all the right spots, can have extra layers of protection built in. The custom cover can even be made in a color to match your car or with some custom embroidery that is just for you.

While looking for a car cover for your vehicle, keep in mind that quality is a factor in this purchase. The better the quality, the better the cover will protect your investment. Look for a cover that is made specifically for your type of car. Many car cover manufacturers offer a variety of pre-made covers for most types of cars. The cover does not need to be custom made for your vehicle, just made for your specific kind of car.

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