Why Don’t Men Study Interior Design?

By Donald Pang

In some schools, if you ask a straight guy who’s enrolled to interior design if why they took up such a course, they’d answer “it’s not my own choice”

Interior design is basically a part of the construction industry. However, it focuses more on designing than the construction details of the interior structure. It is somehow closely related to architecture and often times referred to as interior architecture. But how come very few men gets the interest to take up interior design course and start a career in the industry than the overall women population who’s taking up the course?

The answer to that would be quite simple and obvious.

People perceive interior design as a study to improve a space aesthetically and function wise. It would require a very soft and flexible touch of style, as well as an artistic sense for comfort, where in most parts, women possess the ability more than men do. It is part of the household improvement and would require the strength of both men and women, but when it comes to the designing part, women are more in control since, as a home maker, they’ve already developed that ability to mix up beauty with purpose, within years of mastering it for themselves.


At present, there are a lot of male architecture graduates who take up interior design. But it wouldn’t be so if abundant opportunities for the profession didn’t popped up here and there. We can simply say that some men only take up interior design because of it’s demand levels, but not out of interest alone.

If a man gains interest to build a career in the design and construction industry, they’d opt to take up architecture than interior design, because it says more of their natural character, i.e. stiff, strict, and straight lines with very neutral color, often dull, plain, and simple. While with interior design, it requires more of soft, curvy, and flowy lines, more lively in appearance especially when added with touches of bright and fancy colors which, I must say, speak of how women are in nature.

Some men would find it hard to deal with character flexibility, which is very essential in interior design. That’s another reason why it’s very rare that men would take up interior design as it would be difficult for them to switch perspectives to a woman’s view of working things out, especially when they’re dealing with female clients.

Another reason, for some, is maybe caused by their male ego.

Some men would choose not to risk their masculinity by taking up the course, even if they have that inkling to study interior design. However, because of the way that people perceive interior design, they refuse to take it and enroll for architecture instead. The reason is that, eventhough interior design is not entirely made for women to master, men wouldn’t take it because it’s not who they really are in nature.

However, not every man refuse to take up interior design. There are still those who are brave enough to choose their passion over their pride, that instead of thinking how people would look at them once they’ve claimed themselves to be interior designers, they view their endeavors in a better perspective, and think more of the bigger opportunities that they might encounter in their profession as an interior designer.

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