Wear Scarves 5 Stylish Ways To Look Fantastic!

By Meryl Rougeaux

Some scarves are made from cotton, rayon, polyester and heavy wool knits. You can simply use square scarves made from silk to balance your outfit, scientific studies have shown that square scarves made from silk help out for maintaining the metabolism on the outside of membrane of the skin. You can find plenty of ways to wear your scarf and shawls. The shawls will bring you some extra warm due to its bigger size and also give a touch of glamour to your dress.

One person’s sense of fashion is different from another but don’t be surprised to find out that practically all fashionistas love to wear scarves. These accessories are wonderfully versatile. Aside from having practical uses like helping to keep you warm, a simple scarf worn fashionably can kick your outfit up a notch.

Idea 1: The usual way of wearing scarves is placing them around the neck and there are several stylish ways to go about this. If you’re going for the casual chic style, an extra-long scarf simply tied around the neck will go great with a blazer and skinny jeans ensemble. If the weather’s not that cold, choose a lightweight scarf with a pretty design and wear it loosely around your neck or choker-style. Either way, the scarf would be perfect when paired with a simple white top.

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Idea 2: If you’re going out on a chilly evening, you could also wear a scarf instead of a shawl to wrap around your shoulders when you have on a sleeveless or shoulder-baring top. Use a decorative brooch or pin to secure the scarf. These pins come in various designs so they can also add a nice touch to your overall look.

Idea 3: In addition to being a great neck and shoulder accessory, scarf can also be worn in several other trendy manners. For instance, if you’re wearing a solid-colored skirt or pants, you can use a printed scarf as a belt substitute or just tie it around your hip to add a splash of color to your getup.

Idea 4: There are large scarves that you can wear as a wrap-around skirt or they can also work as tube tops. Both are practical yet hip ideas that are just right if you’re heading to the beach or if you live in a warm place. For an even fresher take on wearing a scarf, tie it around one ankle and make a cute bow out of it. Of course, this would only work if you’re wearing a knee-length skirt or short shorts. Put on some pretty wedge sandals to complete a stunning look.

Idea 5: A sheer scarf can also be a great hair accessory. You can go for the classy Jackie O-style head wrap or simply drape the scarf over your head in a triangle for a sweet, peasant-girl image. Spruce up a plain pony tail by tying a skinny silk scarf around it. You can also make an oblong scarf into a cute headband. If you don’t feel like wearing a scarf, you can still make a fashion statement with it by tying it to a plain-looking bag or purse.

Now you know why a scarf is a favorite fashion accessory. With just a little creativity, this one piece of fabric can add so much to your style.

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