Round Top Collection For Seasonal Occasions

Round Top Collection for Seasonal Occasions



Anyone who loves whimsical metal art cannot be impervious to the charm of the famed Round Top Collection by Jeff Krause. However, not many people know a lot about the Round Top Collection as such. Here are a few interesting facts.

The term Round Top does not refer to a table top. In fact, it is a place. Round Top is a charming little village nestled in the rolling hills of Central Texas. It is a tiny village town that boasts of German heritage and seems frozen in time. Subsequently, the place became popular thanks to the Round Top Collection. To this day, however, Round Top preserves its rustic charm and seems like a rural village as it is fully removed from the pressures and stress of the busy city life.

Round Top shot into fame almost twenty years ago when Jeff Krause started to design and sell whimsical metal art at Round Top. He started off at the Town Square and once enthusiasts discovered his genius, there has been no turning back for Round Top.


Even though Round Top is a sleepy little village, it becomes the hub of activity twice a year. This happens when world class collectors from around the world swoop down on Round Top. This event has almost taken on the hues of a religious event, what with the vast array of artifacts that are on display at this time.

Following the enthusiasm with which his collection has been received, Krause has created metal art around a variety of themes. It is therefore possible to buy painted metal art for the different seasons and holidays of the year. Thus, enthusiasts may look for Easter Round Top, Spring Round Top, Christmas Round Top or July 4th Round Top.

The Round Top collection owes its fame and appeal to the rustic, hand painted metal featuring original work of art. Among some of the most popular collections are the Easter collection and the vintage garden collection. Whimsical designs that feature a love of detail hold great appeal and sell like hot pies.

Due to their appeal, items that belong to the Round Top collection make great gifts that may be gifted at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or for the occasion of housewarming.

Some of the most famous pieces of the Round Top Collection are used regularly by landscape artists who use the design to bring a touch of brightness and warmth to their landscaping designs.

As a result of all of the above, the Round Top collection has a huge following of fans that do not miss an opportunity to buy a Jeff Krause if they can!

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