Clean Your Bathroom Tub Effortlessly With The Help Of Natural Cleaning Products

By Markus Skupeika

Cleaning you bathroom tub can be the worst thing to do when maintaining your bathroom. It is also important to regularly clean your bath tub so that you prevent rusting to happen. That is why it would really help to know how. Read through the article and know easy tub cleaning tips for an unforgettable bathing experience.

Using a bucket, pour hot water inside your tub. Spray your choice of cleaner at the top of one side of the tub. Leave it to run down to the bottom for a couple of seconds. You can also use a cheap shampoo in place of your cleaner. This works beautifully and what’s more is it’s got a fresh smell so you don’t have to hold your breath when you use chemicals (bleach and concentrated vinegar both have strong scent!).

However, if you want the smell of shampoo and the effectiveness of bleach, you may use natural cleaning products. Not just that, they are also safe to use and do not have any health hazards.

After spraying the surface, scrub them using a sponge or a rag. Never use a steel wool when scrubbing (unless you want your tub to get scratched!). Scrub until clean. Follow this by rinsing the tub with hot water. Feel the tub for any roughness. Scrub that area some more because obviously, it is not clean yet. Also clean the door.

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If you have shower curtain you also have to clean this as this is home to molds and mildews. You can do this by taking off the curtain from its rod. Then slip it into your washing machine together with your cleaner or detergent. Spin it for a couple of minutes. Hang it in place and leave it draping to dry.

Also scrub and spray the tub, the showerhead (This is also susceptible to rust, so always make sure to clean it properly just as you clean other items in your bath!). Soap containers, towel rack and all items that you haven’t washed needs to be washed too! Rinse these items twice with hot water also for you do not want to leave soap and dirt residues on these. Be careful with the hot water for it can and might burn you!

Check the tub’s drain. If you see a puddle of filthy water dirt residues, you might want to open the drain and de-clog this using a plunger and a solution of white vinegar and water. Just pour the solution over the drain and leave it there for a few minutes to ensure that impacted dirt and other stuffs will be dissolved. And lastly, never forget to wash the outside of the tub.

Here are additional tips which can guarantee you a neat tub:

— If you are using chemical cleaning products, open the window or turn on the fan to ensure proper ventilation. Remember these chemical products are very caustic and emit a strong scent. However, you do not have to worry with this if you use natural cleaning products!

— Climb into the tub if you want to clean the tub much better. This will even prevent accidents caused by slipping.

— The most practical for you to clean your tub is right before or during your shower. You do not have to worry about getting yourself wet!

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5 Important Closing Costs To Plan For When Buying A New Home

By Roger Martin Properties

Buying a new home can be overwhelming to say the least. The excitement of finally finding the one house to call your own is unparalleled. Nevertheless, some future homeowners disregard closing costs until the last minute, which can lead to a great deal of stress. Here is a quick checklist of a few of the expenses you should keep in mind during this memorable experience.

Prepaid Costs

Frequently new homebuyers forget prepaid costs, such as water bills, utilities, home association fees, and property taxes. These bills should be discussed upfront with your real estate agent. An experienced, reputable realtor should review this list with you before closing and advise accordingly. Just make sure to have money set aside for such costs.


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A home inspection is a vital tool for the new buyer, as it can provide you with some peace of mind regarding the status of your new home. Home inspection identifies any structural, water, and/or electrical damage, and allows you to know what you are getting into and budget accordingly. Inspection costs can vary, but generally run for around $400. Furthermore, if an inspector discovers a plumbing problem or other household issue, then you are able to prepare financially for future maintenance. As a result, the upkeep will not come as a surprise later on.


Insurance is necessary to protect your home in case of flood or fire damage. Insurance coverage varies depending on what type of policy you buy. There are many packages and numerous insurance companies available, so make sure to do plenty of research. Compare costs and choose the best one for your situation. One thing to remember is that insurance is an annual cost, so add it to your yearly budget.

Additionally, do not forget title insurance. Title insurance protects you from issues arising from incorrect signatures on documents, forgery, or other title defects that may result in financial loss. Furthermore, if the previous owner had any permit violations, then you will not be held responsible for them.


Financial institutions may require a home appraisal before approving your loan. This is a regular practice. Keep in mind that appraisers are licensed professionals by individual states, and some lenders do have an appraiser on-staff. If you are not comfortable having your lender provide you with an appraiser, feel free to hire someone who does not have any ties. Appraisal costs vary depending on your state of residence – the best person to advise you on this task is your realtor.

Moving Day Costs

Expenses incurred on moving day can be some of the highest expenses you pay when moving into a new home. Some people forget to set aside finances for painters, locksmiths, and new kitchen appliance installations. How much are professional movers going to charge? Are you hiring someone to touch-up the driveway, yard, and renovate the landscaping prior to moving-in? These are all things you need to keep in mind when reaching the closing phase on buying your new home.

Buying a new home is an exhilarating experience, and when you reach the closing cost phase, you are narrowing in on moving day. Finding an experienced real estate agent to assist you throughout the entire process will make your transition into a new home much easier. When you find an experienced realtor who is able to provide ample information about your home, the neighborhood, other homes in the area, and local schools, you will be able to focus on the positive thoughts regarding buying your new home and all it entails.

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Elements Of New Kitchen Design}

Elements of New Kitchen Design


Tim Lee

Tired of your old kitchen? Do you feel that it is looking dull and traditional? Then maybe it is time to give it a facelift. By focusing on some or all elements of new kitchen design, you are able to update your kitchen without having to spend much.

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So how does a new kitchen look like? The keyword is minimalism. With fewer fixtures, the kitchen now looks big and less cluttered, giving more space where family members can gather. For some, the modern kitchen also serves as a family room. Here are some elements of new kitchen design.First thing to consider is the appliances. Modern appliances are usually metallic. This gives the kitchen a sleek look. Cords and sockets are no longer visible. Bigger appliances like ovens and refrigerators are now built-in.The next element is the kitchen cabinets. Solid hardwood cabinets, especially if in deep or dark shades, can give your kitchen a traditional or country look, not to mention dark and gloomy. Update your cabinets by using a modern finish or paint color on the doors. You can also update them by changing the knobs and pulls with new styles. If you are not on a tight budget, you can change the entire cabinet or its door with metal or glass to match the appliances. Frosted or clear glass cabinet doors will make your kitchen look posh.Countertops, tiles and sinks must also be contemporary and, more importantly, easy to clean. Granite countertop is the most common type, and manufacturers have come up with bolder designs and colors. For tiles, decorative and colored tiles are still in. A stainless steel sink, or stylish ceramic one, would look good in a new kitchen. Do not neglect the faucets. Choose a slimmer, beautiful faucet design that would blend well with the other fixtures.Walls and ceilings must also be considered. Be experimental with paint colors and wallpaper designs. Some modern kitchen walls have textured paint, while others have murals or some interesting artwork. Choose a color that would make the kitchen look wider and brighter. It must also be of a color that would put together the whole kitchen.Other elements that may seem unimportant are flooring and lighting. What most people don’t know is that all efforts to modernizing your kitchen would be useless if the flooring and lighting is of the dark ages. There are many options for flooring. You can choose from wood, vinyl, tiles or stone. In choosing, consider the kitchen traffic and maintenance. If there is more floor activity, then the material must be able to handle that. Avoid shiny flooring, as these can cause slips and accidents. Lastly, choose the type of flooring that would complement with the cabinets and furniture. The same goes for lighting. While it is important that the kitchen is well-lit, lighting must also be attractive.

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Elements of New Kitchen Design}

How Driveways Renovations Increase The House Value In The Market

By Adriana Noton

Preparing a home for sale not only means making the interior inviting to prospective buyers, but it also means creating an exterior that is attractive, fresh and clean. Homeowners often do not want to begin a big-ticket remodeling project, but still need to make the existing facilities look more appealing. Driveways renovations increase the house value in the market, and are one way to help a home sell quickly.

If completely replacing the old driveway is out of the question, there are alternate options. While the basic sub-structure may be sound, the surface may be chipped, cracked, and stained with oil. Less expensive alternatives for visual repair may include refacing with asphalt, installing pavers, or even a applying a simple paint job.

A driveway need not be at its worst to benefit from re-applying asphalt sealant. A relatively few short years of exposure can cause parts of the paving to begin to pull apart, due to an annual cycle of temperature, sun and moisture. These are the same kinds of erosive stresses that cause even mountain chains to crumble away, and driveways are not nearly as tough.

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This project can be undertaken either by a homeowner or by professionals. Doing it yourself can save over half the cost, but requires some initial planning, preparation, and care in order to avoid making any costly errors. This kind of project starts with a thorough cleaning and weed removal, sometimes requiring the use of a pressurized sprayer, and the possible the application of herbicides.

There are four general types of sealers, including standard asphalt sealants, and a relatively new product that suspends the asphalt particles in water. Coal-tar based sealers work well in high-traffic regions, and go a little further to resist all vehicle fluids as well as the air and sun. Acrylic sealers are not petroleum based, but are another sealing option that come in different colors. Acrylics are a little more expensive, but generally last very well.

If the original roadway was concrete, similar surface preparations are required prior to sealing, with the addition of filling in any cracks, while taking care to avoid covering the expansion joints. Two coats of paint should be applied, allowing the concrete to thoroughly dry each time. This kind of project should ideally be undertaken on a dry day, when the air temperature is in the low seventies, and the ground is above fifty degrees.

Other renovation materials include manufactured paving stones, which are available in both mortared and mortar-less styles. When mortar is applied, structure becomes less flexible, and will not allow movement of the stones. Mortar-less paving is the most popular variety, and utilizes a special mixture of sand in the spaces between individual stones. Both methods can dramatically improve the looks of the home’s exterior, making the driveway into an asset that ties the exterior landscaping to the home itself.

Sealants and new surfaces are a good idea for all homeowners, and driveways renovations increase the house value in the market. If your home is in an area of extreme weather conditions, using them can do more than simply guarantee a rapid home sale. Such treatments are an example of a relatively small investment in maintenance that save a great deal of money on future repairs. Whether preparing a home for sale or simply keeping it looking good, driveway renovation is an excellent choice.

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