Common Types Of Maxillofacial Surgery In Effingham Il

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Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL is a branch of surgical dentistry that treats the facial skeleton, jaws, forehead and mouth. This type of dentistry works to repair soft tissue and bone tissue in these areas due to disease, birth defects or injury. This branch of dentistry covers a wide array of services and different types of surgical procedures. Those who are unfamiliar with the services available through these dental surgeons can learn more by reading on.

1. TMJD or temporomandibular joint disorder is a condition that causes pain when the jaws are moved. This can be caused by tumors, birth defects or wearing of the jaw joint. Though surgery is not the first treatment option approached for most people, it is needed for those who do not find relief from other methods of treatment, such as dental guards. In some cases, the jaw is simply repaired while others may need the joint to be replaced.

2. Dento-Alveolar surgery includes extractions, contouring of bone, and the removal of bone to allow teeth to cut through. These types of surgery are often carried out to prepare a patient for orthodontic treatment.

3. Reconstructive surgery is performed by these dental surgeons to correct birth defects, abnormalities, post traumatic injuries, post tumor defects and aging defects. This form of surgery takes on a cosmetic and functional form to ensure a patient regains full function and a pleasing appearance.

4. Trauma to the head and neck are often seen in car accidents or assaults. These dental surgeons work to repair injuries to the head and neck to stop bleeding and prevent loss of function. This type of surgery often involves a full team that each focuses on different aspects of the repair procedure. It may include emergency room physicians, neurologists, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons.

To learn more about the many surgical procedures provided by Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL, contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery, P.C. Through their surgical procedures, patients can overcome an array of health concerns, injuries, and cosmetic issues. Call the office today and schedule a consultation appointment so you can be examined, and the surgeon can find what procedure will best benefit you.

What Is A Forhead/Browlift???}

What is a forhead/browlift???



A forehead lift or “browlift” is a procedure that restores a more youthful, refreshed look to the area above the eyes. The procedure corrects drooping brows and improves the horizontal lines and furrows that can make a person appear angry, sad or tired.

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In a forehead lift, the muscles and tissues that cause the furrowing or drooping are removed or altered to smooth the forehead, raise the eyebrows and minimize frown lines. Your surgeon may use the conventional surgical method, in which the incision is hidden just behind the hairline; or it may be performed with the use of an endoscope, a viewing instrument that allows the procedure to be performed with minimal incisions. Both techniques yield similar results — smoother forehead skin and a more animated appearance.

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What is a forhead/browlift???