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Nowadays in many countries, high-end serviced apartment represents not only a luxury mode of life, but rather the fame and gain and status of its residents. Indeed, high-end serviced residences have developed to be major housing style in big cities across the world, especially those cities with prime locations or beautiful sceneries, like New York, Tokyo, Singapore – and Shanghai. The fact that high-end serviced apartment is largely distributed over the big cities with dense population and developed economy indicates that it is becoming a necessary living style for people there. Under Chinas current home purchase restrictions, between the house in the suburbs and the serviced apartment in downtown area, most high-end consumers will unhesitatingly choose the latter.

High-end serviced apartment located in the heart of a big city often occupies the top of the pyramid in terms of the house price or rent. And its residents tend to be the elites from around the world. Living in the most prosperous part of the city, the residents of serviced apartment can enjoy the best of what the city has to offer and are also able to be at their office in next to no time.


Serviced apartments originated in Europe and then proceeded to thrive and abound in New York in 1980. The appearance of serviced apartment in China has been accompanied by the large foreign investment, a case especially in Shanghai. In the early 1990s, Pudong New District development attracted a lot of foreign investment and the foreign investors then had to choose high-end hotels as their working and living places owing to the lack of high-end residential quarters and modern office buildings in those days. Hence in the late 1990s there appeared the first batch of serviced apartments geared to the needs of administrative staff of foreign companies set up in Shanghai. By 2017, serviced apartments are a main pillar of the city’s real estate market. Famous hotel brands like Kempinski and the Mariott offer long-term packages, major apartment complexes provide comprehensive household services.

Home is always the source of power and a cozy haven in our journey through life. As the pace of life in the city speeds up, people are facing more work-related stress, and “home” has thus become a perfect haven of heart and soul. Actually, when choosing a place for living, people nowadays give priority to those residential quarters that can provide comprehensive community service and bring one the feeling of being at home. And as one representative of this kind of residential quarters, the serviced apartment is drawing wide attention.

Struggling with costs and stress brought about by the time and traffic, more elites with high incomes realize that luxury residents like villas outside the city can no longer meet their living needs, what they long for now is a home endowed with both prosperity and comfort, enabling them to move about inside the city and stay connected with their social circle. And therein lies the meaning of the high-end serviced apartment to the urban elite families. To live luxuriously in the downtown area, one may find that only serviced apartment can best meet people’s living requirements.

Compared with the status brought by the luxurious villas, high-end serviced apartments are more concerned with family atmosphere and the convenience of life. We might say that the high-end serviced apartment has started another mode of luxury residential living.

About the Author: Philipp Tuck frequently meets some of the most interesting and ambitious residents of Shanghai: high-caliber expats in Shanghai. Philipp aims at contributing to an unforgettable and successful time of each expat he meets by searching and finding the most suitable Shanghai home for them. A selection of apartments, lane houses and villas in Shanghai can be found at


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