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The Razorbacks are gearing up for the BCS

With the 2010 season ending, the Arkansas Razorbacks are enjoying their great finish in the SEC in a long time. After the wonderful season they were able to accomplish, along with their eighth place ranking, they are now going to the Allstate Sugar Bowl game.

The Razorbacks can t wait for this game, especially after learning that they are going to meet one of the best teams in the land, the Ohio State Buckeyes. The results of both teams this year was nearly equal and this leads a lot of people to not exactly know who will be the winner at the end of the game.


The upcoming game is very important for the Razorbacks as well as the Buckeyes, both teams are doing their best to perform well in the highly designated championship. The Hogs are trying to prove that they deserve being in the Sugar Bowl while the Buckeyes are trying to improve their record of sis for six BCS bowl wins This game will write an important piece of football history.

An interview with the quarterback of the Hogs, Rayan Mallett, declared that he is very eager to play this game because he is going to face his old rival. Mallett used to play for the Michigan Wolverines for his Freshman season and Ohio State is their rival. Jake Bequette, Razorbacks defense player, agreed with Mallett and was very excited to play this game too. Both players promised their fans to put 110% of their efforts in this game.

The fans are waiting for this game, and excited to see what the Razorbacks coach will do. The fans love Bobby Petrino as he took the team to a BCS game in just three seasons. In addition to this, the fans are waiting to see how he will handle such an intense match. Patrino is betting on the maturity of Mallett and that he hopes that he will be one of the main reasons of Arkansas winning the bowl game.

The Arkansas team has traveled a long way through the season before they were able to make it to the Sugar Bowl. Although they were not able to have a perfect season, they were still able to make their second best one in the SEC, with a 6 – 2 finish. Not only that, the Razorbacks also took on and beat four teams ranked in the top 25.

On the other hand, the Buckeyes are not going to be an easy target for the Arkansas Team. Ohio had a marvelous record of 11-1, and their only loss was against Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the 4th ranked team in the BCS and they are one of the key players in this championship. Both teams are very keen to win this battle as it will help improve their position in the BCS rankings. Ohio coach, Jim Tressle, declared that his team is ready to perform well in this match as they are willing to maintain the record of six consecutive wins in the Sugar Bowl.

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