Top 5 Health And Fitness Tips For Overweight Children

By Prav Garg

Any individual who is overweight i.e. his weight being more then the ideal weight is always unable to perform his/her task properly. Be it a child or adult, every obese person faces various problems in their everyday life.

Thus we can say that obesity is the greatest malady which gives birth to newer and more severe health problems each day. Obesity hampers individual’s health and fitness severely. Once a person realizes that he/she is putting on weight gradually, then that person should seek medical advice to understand the criticalness of this situation.

After that they should try to attain the ideal weight specified for a human of the same height and gender. This way of calculating ideal weight is popularly known as body mass index or BMI. Overweight children on the other side, is a more delicate issue. Parents could help their Overweight children in obtaining cool health if they follow the following health and fitness tips:

1. Parents should ask their kids about what food item they like the most and then prepare food for them that is healthy and less fatty. Keeping in mind the kid’s taste and preferences parent should not let oily and greasy food items to be served in their plate often.


2. Prepare only homemade meals for your kids, including green leafy vegetables and fewer spices.

3. Kids should be given milk products to compensate the need of various other nutrients which can’t be found in most of the foods items.

4. Make it a rule in your house, to eat salads before meals and drink more water daily. This can help you all to get quick weight loss if you are obsessed.

5. Overweight children should be encouraged more to participate in sports and other co curricular activities so that they can keep themselves active and fit.

These health and fitness tips can help your child to get better and healthier youngsters. They develop better growth and find healthier teen in themselves when they grow up some younger.

Kids at present constitute the major portion of the obesity affected population of the world. Kids’ health and fitness should be given more priority to any other thing. Nourishment should be provided to kids in such a way that their entire nutrient needs get content. Kids require more proteins and minerals then adults. Thus their diet should be rich of nutrients, proteins, fats and minerals etc.

The most important weight loss tips are healthy eating and active lifestyles. The proper balanced diet is not just feeding a kid to its mouth full, but it is feeding him the essential nutrients in reasonable quantities only. Excess eating or overeating habits get developed in such cases when parents just load their children off with a lot of food throughout the day. They don’t consider the individual capacity of the kid to consume food.

But gradually kids start eating more than they require. And those extra calories they consume get accumulated in their body in the form of fat. This state is really very bad for a kid’s health and fitness.

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