Using Plastic Displays For Candy In A Rack System}

Using Plastic Displays For Candy In A Rack System



Gerald Imeman

Some candy shop owners purchase bulk plastic candy bins to display individually throughout the shop. Others prefer to create candy stations by purchasing racks that hold several buckets or bins. This is one way to create a display organized by candy type, color, or texture. If this display method sounds appealing, read on to learn about the different rack systems available from container suppliers.

Bucket containers come in several sizes when included in a rack system. A wire countertop rack that holds eight or ten buckets features containers measuring either 5×7 or 4×6 inches. The setup features two levels, with four or five buckets in each, and lids are included to keep candy safely contained during display. The rack is easy to assemble and portable enough to be taken to industry trade shows or catering gigs.With a nine-container bucket display, things go vertical because three rows of 5×7-inch containers are included and the rack can be mounted on a slatwall. The white wire rack is durable enough to hold containers filled with snack sized candy bars. With its four levels of four buckets each, a 12 or 16-bucket rack takes things even higher when the fixture is mounted to a wall. This is one of the more versatile racks because it can be used freestanding or even paired back-to-back. If the shop is small, a 30-bucket rotating rack will make use of the precious dead space on the sales floor. It measures 60 inches high by just 22 inches wide, creating a small footprint. Each of the five levels contains six 5×7 buckets with lids. This is one of the most requested displays because it is portable and easy to assemble. Some racks feature candy bins instead of containers, creating an attractive candy buffet on a countertop or slatwall. A white wire rack featuring six jumbo mini bins has a clean design that turns any candy display up a notch. It measures 19 inches wide, 16 inches deep, and 12 inches high, compact enough to place on the typical counter. At the same time, the jumbo mini bins hold loads of candy. With so many choices, candy shop owners should be able to find a rack system to fit any space on their sales floor. Using different combinations allows them to maximize sales per square foot, elevating profits. The store will look cleaner and more organized than if containers were randomly displayed in different areas. is a site featuring a variety of

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Using Plastic Displays For Candy In A Rack System}

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