When Should You Remortgage Your Home?

By Michael Sterios

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll know only too well the cost of owning a house. With ongoing maintenance costs, council tax and more, often being a homeowner is at the expense of things like holidays and new cars. However, this needn’t be the case, with remortgages proving extremely popular over the last few years when it comes to needing extra money.

Additionally, remortgages are also an excellent way to make sure you continue to get the best interest rate available, and offers you the chance to change mortgage lenders or providers if necessary. Despite this, many people still aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity, through a mixture of misunderstanding and belief they have the best deal anyway. This is why it’s important to look at what a remortgage can offer you.

Getting a Better Interest Rate

One of the prime reasons for remortgaging your home is that it can help you choose a better interest rate than what you’re currently paying. For example, when you first buy your house, you’ll usually either take out a fixed-rate mortgage or one that has a variable rate.


Because interest rates fluctuate quite often, it doesn’t make sense staying in a fixed interest rate mortgage that is charging 5%, when you could easily swap to one that’s only charging 4.5%. The same goes for variable interest mortgages – use the opportunity that a remortgage offers you to swap to a lender that can offer you a lower interest rate than what you’re currently paying. Even if you find that there’s a penalty for doing this, the savings you make will be more than worth the cost.

Release the Equity in your Home

Another benefit that remortgaging your home can offer is that it can release a lump sum of money whenever you need it. This can be for a variety of reasons, and best of all it’s often far cheaper than taking out a more traditional loan from a bank or similar.

Many homeowners are now using the equity in their home to pay for things like a child’s wedding; home improvements and renovations; or even a luxury cruise for a special occasion, such as a golden wedding anniversary. You can even use the money release by a remortgage to buy yourself a new car – unlike a lot of normal loans, there’s no restrictions on what you use the money for.

How it Works

One of the reasons there are still so many people not making use of this easy way to free up some extra money is that they misunderstand what a remortgage involves. However, it’s a fairly straightforward process yet can make such a difference to you financially.

At its simplest, remortgaging your home is simply replacing your current mortgage with a new one. This may mean only changing the type of mortgage you have with your current lender, or changing lenders altogether. Just like an actual mortgage, there are a host of different rates and types of remortgages available to you, so before you make the final decision, make sure you shop around.

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