Crib Or Bassinet? What Is Right For Your Child?

By Eric Koshinsky

So here’s the question… Should you buy a crib or a bassinet?

The decision to use a crib or a bassinet is one that many parents often wrestle with. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. A bassinet is great for a newborn baby because it is a small area, which helps the infant to feel more secure. The frilly bedding also helps to make the infant look that much more precious. There are many different designs of bassinets, just as there are with cribs. The main feature that parents like about using a bassinet for the first few months is that they can have it right next to the bedside. Most of the newer models have rocking motion that you can use if you want. The bassinet doesn’t rock a lot so there is no danger of it tipping over and when you lock the wheels in place, it won’ rock at all.


A crib needs a larger space, so most parents have to have the nursery done. This means that you probably won’t be able to keep the baby in the same room with you. During the night when the baby wakes, you’ll have to get up and go out to get the infant for feeding and changing. Also a crib is much larger, so the little infant will look so very tiny lying there.

A bassinet is portable. The base has wheels so you can roll it from one room to another. A crib is much harder to move, so during the day you will still need to have a smaller bed for the baby in the living room or den. Plus, the sleeping basket comes out of the bassinet so you can take the baby’s bed with you when you travel.

However, a bassinet is only good for a few months. Once the baby gets old enough to start getting up on its hands and knees, then you need to transfer him/her to a crib to sleep. The side of a bassinet are really low and once the baby starts growing, there is the danger he/she might fall out over the sides. Whether you decide to go with a bassinet, you will need to buy a crib after a few months anyway. However, if you have a bassinet that converts to a change table, this is one piece of baby furniture you won’t have to buy. The storage area under the bassinet is also a great place for keeping all the supplies you need.

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