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Submitted by: Rachel Wesley

I have been in the homeschooling game for around 15 years now, and I can completely understand the hardships of starting out, or even doing it for a long time. Sometimes it becomes so difficult that the hardships actually outweigh the fun part of it.

Homeschool is a great experience, and one that can, and should, be fun for all family members participating; yes parents, that means you too!

So why then does it end up becoming a hassle? Because there is so much “information” online and off that it will make your head spin! It’s great to have so much to work with, but at some point you can no longer decipher the good, the bad, the necessary and the unnecessary.

Sadly, many homeschool families do end up giving up and either sending their children back into public schools or spend thousands of dollars on curriculums, worksheets, and school books, when it is completely not needed.


The truth is, homeschool should be free, or at least very close to it. it shouldn’t take every last cent you make to teach your kids at home. Sure there may be a few things that you want to buy, but there is no need to buy every little thing.

Stay strong, and don’t fall for all the gimmicks claiming that you have to buy every little thing. I actually wrote a whole ebook on the topic, you can find the link below in my “about” section if you want to check it out.

Keep doing your own thing, it is your homeschool after all.

This is one area where most parents do end up having so much trouble. It gets into our heads that we should be doing our homeschool just like public school does; complete with setting the times accordingly, getting desks and chalk boards, etc.

Truth is though, we don’t need any of that stuff, consider this; public schools have numerous amounts of children in the classroom, and the work is generally based off of the teacher using a guidebook to show children what they need to learn on a chalk board at the front of the room. Most classrooms are set up in basically the same ways.

Now, you are teaching from your home, here is the difference, you are teaching your children, so it can be a much more intimate and comfortable situation.

You can sit down and watch an educational show together on TV if you want to and that can be part of the lesson for the day. Go outside and show your children something special that you have seen, explain why the leaves turn colors in the fall, look for caterpillar nests and teach them about butterflies.

There are so many ways that you can be a great teacher without ever even trying to be like a public school teacher. They have their way that they teach, and you can develop your way.

Trust me when I say that it is much better to find your own groove first and use it rather than trying to mimic other schools. Your school will be ever evolving, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much fun everyone can have and how much you learn in the process too!

Make your homeschool an adventure worthy of your kids, and never stop learning!

About the Author: Rachel Wesley is a homeschool parent and published author. You can grab the latest ebook about homeschooling here:

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